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What you have caught on camera is captured forever!

Babies & Children

Taking photos can be intimidating. Even thinking about everything involved might be enough to stress you out.

I totally get it ! Getting photos of your kiddos can be tricky. But my goal is to make the experience easy, stress free (and dare I say) even a little fun for everybody involved.

Over time I’ve had the chance to develop a process that takes the focus off of traditional “sit still and smile” approach to family photos, and instead gets you and your little ones moving and interacting. 

Instead of a tedious and painful photography session, your kids are able to be the beautiful little characters they are, and you get to walk away with photos that are 100% real and genuine. 

My promise is that you’ll have beautiful family photos, without all the stress. Sound good ? 

What To Bring

You may be wondering if it’s alright to bring along different items. My answer to this is always yes ! 

In particular there are a few items I find are always great to bring along for your session:

1) Favourite snacks, treats etc

Anything you can bring to help make sure your little kiddo is happy is a definite YES. Bringing along little treats as a reward is a great way to encourage positive behaviour and make the experience fun for your child.

2) Meaningful items / memories

Part of the reason behind family photos is to capture this precious time in your child’s life. If there are certain toys or items that you want to document feel free to bring them along.

3) An extra jacket / outfit change (Just in case)

A backup is always better to have and not need than need and not have.