Christine Burgess Photography



As a lifestyle photographer, shooting outdoors is very exciting for many reasons. Outdoor photography provides many positive opportunities for nature loving families and the abundance of background options that suit your family’s style! you can do beach, bush, mountains or your own backyard. The list can go on.



The most exciting thing for me, being a professional natural light photographer, is the fact that there is an unlimited source of light. The most cloudy days can often be the perfect sunlight for portraits as it creates soft lighting and dreamy blue skies. Photographers often experiment, which helps create a beautiful atmosphere or theme for your photos.



Outdoor photography holds no limitations to space at a location, which indicates that your session can be private. You can choose to pick many different scenes within the area. Most outdoor locations have toilets or facilities and considerably gives the session an added comfortable feel. As a photographer, my cleaning hygiene policies have been updated for future families to stay vigilant when photographing on location. I provide hand sanitation before and after your session for hygienic practices so that you remain germ free in the outdoor environment.



Outdoor photography means being photographed in natural elements and taking advantage of natural golden light to create some stunning imagery for your loved ones. Capturing all the beauty that nature offers can often be so rewarding.



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