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Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. So you need a photographer but not sure which photographer is right for you?

This blog post is to provide some tips to help you choose the photographer that’s right for you.

It can be quite confusing as there are many photographers in your area offering the same photography experience and products. How in the world do you choose?



Here are 5 tips for choosing the right photographer for you.

1. What style of photography are you interested in?

Photographers have different styles, whether in a studio or on location. Most photographers have areas they specialise in. You need to find a style that suits you. Finding a style you like is key to looking for a photographer.

2. Look at websites and check out their photos.

Photographers have different shooting styles. Find a photographer whose images speak to you and make you stop in your tracks so you can’t look away. Imagine yourself in their shoes!

3. Choose someone you like and connect with 😉

You want your photographer to make you laugh, be silly and have a bucket load of fun with. Choose a photographer that will make you feel comfortable and get along well with, as your photos will reflect that.

4. Prices and Products.

Photographers charge what they are worth, each charge differently to how skilled they are in their preferred field. Their professionalism reflects their price and the products they sell to their clients. The price is a factor when choosing a photographer but don’t let price be your main factor. Photography is priceless when it is documented the way you want it photographed.

5. Details…

Ask about the details. What is included in the session fee, collections, and packages? Are the images professionally edited? Are the products included in the package? Does the photographer sell digital files?

TIP: Make sure your photographer has a contract for you to sign prior to your session.

Thank you for your time. I hope this helps with your search for finding a professional photographer in your area!

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